Social Media Platform Development Over The Past 5 Years

Social Media Platform Development Over The Past 5 Years

Social media today has an irreplaceable place in our present day life. But this was not so a few years back. The social media has grown exponentially in the last few years. It has turned from a feature used by a select and elite few to a feature that is used by even the most common and simple of people. The improvement in smartphone and computer technology has made it easier and more accessible to everyone.

Social media allows us to stay in touch with our friends and family, keep in touch with what is happening around you and in the world and also help you spread awareness and help the world take a turn for the better. It has made it possible for even a lone voice from a corner of the world to be heard all around it.

The growth that social media experienced in the last few years is impressive. Social media websites like Facebook and applications like Snapchat, Instagram, and the likes have become more common and household names.

Facetime and other applications

Facetime is a great application for staying in touch with your family and friends. It allows you to have a smooth and interrupt free video call with any of your friends or family who has access to the Facetime application. This would not have been considered possible a few years ago. But today with Facetime download we can be closer to our friends and family in any corner of the world with ease. Facetime is preinstalled in most iOS phones and tablets and is also preinstalled in all the latest models of MacBook. As for android users, there is no Facetime application available for download. But there are many other applications that can be used to have a live video call with your family and friends using android devices.

Social media and the modern day

There are a large number of social media websites available to the common public. And there are more and more new websites and applications coming out every week. Facebook still remains the most popular social media platforms even today. Most of us have used or are still using Facebook or Facebook messenger on our phone or computer to stay in touch with our loved ones and the outside world. It is closely followed by websites and applications like Whatsapp and QQ. Snapchat and Instagram are the leaders when it comes to mobile applications and social media. They allow you to share stories in the form of pictures and photographs. The new availability of new services like social media apps for PC and Facetime downloads for Mac has made it easier and more accessible to the common people and non-mobile users.

The social media and its effects have had a great impact in the shaping of the modern society. The changes experienced by social media websites and application over the years is also great and many. It is no doubt that social media will continue to have growing effect on the world.