Technology is a vast world. There are a lot of things about it that many have yet to explore. Even the most experienced tech leaders and gurus still need to continue learning and discovering.

Technology is ever changing. It is constantly improving. New products come out practically every week. Developers never stop churning out one idea after another.

These and many reasons more are why Northgate Reality was created.

Northgate Reality is a general magazine focusing on technology, and in particular on programming and databases. It is your premiere source for reliable information, updates, tips, and other special features on technology. Aside from programming and databases, Northgate Reality also talks about gadgets, wearable technology, social media, the Web, technology in education, and other matters that can help us realize our goal of engaging everyone – not just the programmers and developers – in the world of technology.

Likewise, Northgate Reality is where you will find news and updates about the latest in technology – specifically in programming and database. Since technology manages to surprise us now and then, our team promises to stay in tune with the latest so that we can surprise you, too – with good news from the colorful world of technology.

Northgate Reality also organizes tech-related events and activities every once in awhile. The purpose of these events is to gather like-minded individuals and provide for them various platforms where they can exchange ideas and build connections.

The Northgate Reality team is lead by people who value professionalism. They are respected in their fields of expertise, and all of them are well-trained and highly experienced.