How to resolve issues with Windows [Custom] Installation

Reality is a database and programming product set working closely with Windows. It loads its Session Manager, realserv, as a Windows Service and other low level interfaces. Therefore issues can be seen during the [Custom] installation.

The following offers advice if you see any error messages during the separate component loads using the [Custom] installation. You should also review the latest Reality on Windows, Installation Guide, there is a link to all Installation Guides on the home page of the main Documentation - refer to the Documentation page.

The following covers a brief overview of the [Custom] loading of Reality, followed by an Issue Recovery Section. For recovering issues with the Demo refer to the FAQ: How to resolve issues with Windows Demo Installation. Also refer to Install & Demo FAQs.

[Custom] Installation Overview

The aim of the [Custom] installation is to install Reality and any of the selected optional software components one at a time.

Under Core Reality Software, each component can be loaded separately: Reality, JReal, PCSNI, WinSNI Config, ActiveX and Remote Tape. For further information on the other components refer to the Installation Guide for Windows, as mentioned above. These items tend not to have problems when installing.

The other installation submenus cover User Documentation, SQL Software (ODBC/JDBC), Web Software (RealWeb Servlets, HTML) and Utilities (RealEdit, Customisation Info, TCPI/IP - Bridge and Sockets Test). Again these items tend not to have problems when installing. 

To check if the Reality base product set is loaded sucessfully use the following check list:

The base Reality product set is loaded if you can run the following from an MS DOS prompt:
Command     Should return with
reality -v         The version of Reality loaded e.g. Reality64 for 64Bit V15.1
realserv -e      Service Reality stopped. Indicating the Reality Service has now been stopped.
realserv -s      Service Reality started. Indicating the Reality Service has now been started

Use the recommendations below if any of the above fails...

You must be a local or domain administrator to load Reality and your Windows User ID must not contain spaces.

Try and load/reload the base product as follows:

  1. If you see any reference to PDS History preventing continuing with an install run Setup.exe manually from DVD/ISO_Drive:\client\windows\PDShistory. When loaded sucessfully you will see a window confirming this has been done - check the taskbar to see if the window is obscured.
  2. Run the setup.exe file from DVD/ISO_Drive:\Reality\Base
    If you don't see an InstallAnywhere Introduction Window, see if this is minimised or obscured by another Window.
  3. Select Reality and not Software Keys Only
  4. If Reality is already loaded you will see a confirmation pop-up which allows you to re-install Reality by overwriting.
  5. You should be prompted to load a software license key.
    If you are loading the Demo make sure the Path for Keyfile is set to DVD/ISO_Drive:\eval.ryk
    If you have a commercial Keyfile you can either:
    1. Tick the box Keys Already Loaded or Manual Load and check that the listed keys are valid.
      ... or ...
    2. Enter the keys manually - you can only load the serial number key, the user count key and the version key.
      ... or ...
    3. Untick the box Keys Already Loaded or Manual Load and enter a path to the supplied key file.
  6. You should then see an Install Complete Window, with a [Done] button.

Repeat the base Reality check under [Custom] Installation Overview above...

If the base Reality is still not working try loading the licence keys manually as follows:

Note: If you have a commercial key file replace the eval.ryk file with your commecial key file.

From an MS DOS prompt run:
When prompted for a key use Notepad or other text editor and copy the key from the first line of the DVD/ISO_Drive:\eval.ryk file
e.g. for a line of: serialno:***: 2565 4CF8 6EFE H5E4 ED2G 7G4E : Evaluation serial number
... just copy and paste the key 2565 4CF8 6EFE H5E4 ED2G 7G4E
Then repeat the following command for each remaining line in the eval.ryk file
Install_Key - when prompted for:
Part Number
... copy and paste the first part of each line of the eval.ryk file -  eg. 80001510:000:
Software Key
... use the 2nd part of each line of the eval.ryk file - eg. E555 7D6F 69BE 5E8H EFH7 8F8B
... use the 2nd part of each line of the eval.ryk file - eg. Reality 15.1 version key
Finally run a show_key and make sure all lines end with "enabled"

Repeat the base Reality check under [Custom] Installation Overview above...

If the base Reality is still not working please contact either your local support or use the Contact us link. Please retain any relevant information including the above, plus the files below from installed_drive:\Realman\  in case we need you to send to us
...15.1\files\  files daemon.log, event.log and session.log

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